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I Touched Scarlett Johansson at 7-11!!

Iron Man 2 has invaded 7-11!!! We just picked up some Iron Man 2 Slurpee’s and I can’t stop drinking Scarlett Johansson! Annamay’s drinking War Machine, and we’re pulling straws to decide who drinks Mickey Rourke, Sin City or not we feel it’s a dubious venture! Annamay’s starting to consider having me commited, apparently it’s not “normal” to drink out… Read more →

Muse Takes the Tardis for a Joy Ride!

Have you heard the Muse song Uprising?Geek World thinks maybe they were inspired by an adventure in the Tardis because the beginning of the song sounds almost exactly like the Doctor Who theme! I’d be less suspicious if the working title of their next project wasn’t “The Resistance against the Black Holes created by the Daleks and Cybermen to reach… Read more →


In tribute to the great holiday that lets us drink until we pass out, we at Geek World will be celebrating by watching Boondock Saints and Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (I did want to watch Leprechaun in the Hood, but the last time I played a Warwick Davis movie at a party people left… HEY LOSERS! WILLOW IS… Read more →