Why So Serious?

There are some things that flip my world upside down. Today’s news about the death of Heath Ledger is one of those things. The first place I read the news was on a gossip blog so I thought it must be a joke or some wild internet rumor but low and behold all the news sites had the same information. In a way you can never be completely surprised when someone with a history of drug problems dies and drugs are involved but still there was something about Heath Ledger that made people forget about past indiscretions.

I keep hoping that this is all some kind of joke and that the people involved in promoting The Dark Knight are totally twisted. I am imagining a memorial service for Heath Ledger where all of a sudden he jumps out in full on Joker garb surrounded by Joker goons as he stares out at the somber crowd he cackles and shouts “WHY SO SERIOUS!?!” Yeah I know I’m twisted but that would be better than him being dead.

But since the news probably has it right I send my condolences to Heath’s friends and family and especially his baby daughter.

RIP Heath Ledger (April 4, 1979 – January 22, 2008)



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