Will Joss Whedon Be Avenged??


So we haven’t mentioned anything about the rumors/reports that Joss Whedon will be directing the upcoming Avengers, mostly because everything is just a rumor until its confirmed (I mean the guy from The Office was going to be Captain America according to every website a few weeks ago!), even though it’s practically being reported as fact.

This news, however, of Joss Whedon directing and writing The Avengers (along with the possibility of him rewriting The First Avenger: Captain America script) seems pretty viable. First off he’s freaking Joss Whedon, a name that has as much Geek cred as Stan Lee or James Cameron, thus he brings a huge fan base to the table from all over the world. Second he’s a good director, (Serenity didn’t do much at the box office but has become a cult hit on DVD), and most importantly he’s used to wrangling a large cast of actors and actresses and coming out with a great product. This last part is integral especially when you think about all of the actors (and egos) that will be involved in The Avengers.

So we completely believe he’s close to signing as writer/director of The Avengers (also since Dollhouse was canceled and with Cabin in the Woods done shooting, he has the ability to do it) and we think he’s a great choice. He writes fantastic comedy and drama, he pulls out great performances, and he’s got enough juice that he won’t be prison bitched by any of the cast.

As for rewriting The First Avenger: Captain America, they’re still casting, so it’s possible (I recall he’s had some practice on last minute rewrites for movies, I believe he did a lot of work on the script for a little movie known as Toy Story).
Most of all we think between his time writing comics like the X-Men and Buffy, along with everything else we’ve listed, it’s a slam dunk!
Of course no one saw Angel being cancelled a few years ago, so hopefully in a few days we won’t be reading “Whedon Out! Ratner in for Avengers!!!”


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