DUST continues their Afrofuturism series by taking a look at Star Trek‘s Uhura.

Played by Nichelle Nichols in the original series, Uhura was depicted as an integral part of the crew and became an inspiration to many people who, for the first time, were seeing somebody they could relate to, somebody with their skin color, in this future context. She was so important that when Nichols considered leaving the show Dr. Martin Luther King helped convince her to stay on.

Beyond the importance of Uhura in terms of sci-fi, Nichols and her co-star William Shatner broke barriers by portraying the first inter-racial kiss on American TV. Star Trek helped to show the world that the future would not only be diverse, but that everybody would be treated equally.

This series from DUST is narrated by rapper Little Simz and spotlights some of the most important figures in Afrofuturism.

-Anna Levine