Tattoos of Comic-Con 2012 – Part 2

As if one post wasn’t enough we had so many geek tattoo photos we had to do two posts (click here to check out the first post) so without further ado here’s Part 2 of our Tattoos of San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos:

The Hulk and Captain America Avenge his right arm.

A closer look at the Hulk.

Captain America



The Flash


Deadpool and Harley Quinn
*Flesh Canvas: Angel

Joker and Harley Quinn join forces with Deadpool.
*Flesh Canvas: Angel

Iron Man
*Flesh Canvas: Angel

Rogue and Gambit
*Flesh Canvas: Angel

Hellboy loves his kitten.
*Flesh Canvas: Angel

Thor, Venom, and Ghost Rider



Ghost Rider

Stewie with Lois’s severed head.

Harley Quinn

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