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Geek World Radio Ep. 14 – The Man with the Iron Fists vs The Kid with the Golden Arm

On episode 14 of Geek World Radio we give a brief review of RZA’s new Kung Fu movie The Man with the Iron Fists. Then we compare the film to the classic Shaw Brothers movie The Kid with the Golden Arm. Don’t forget to go to to see all of the latest videos we’ve posted and shared, and be… Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show – Retro Gaming and Classic Kung Fu!

On this week’s show we review Disney’s retro video game themed blockbuster Wreck It Ralph and share memories of some of the old games we used to play. We also review RZA’s love letter to 1970’s Kung Fu movies, The Man with the Iron Fists, and discuss some of our favorite Kung Fu and Martial Arts movies! Plus we’ll talk… Read more →

You Just Got Served by the Justice League!!!

Have you ever thought to yourself “Hey I wonder what the world would be like if we had superheroes and instead of saving the day they would just sing and dance?” Well thanks to a Brazilian singing group? Dance troupe? Cult? from the 1970s you don’t just have to imagine the possibility! It’s like Spider-Man and Thor joined the Justice… Read more →