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“The Fisherman” An Exclusive Animated Sci-Fi Short Film from DUST

Sci-Fi short film channel DUST just released their first exclusive animated feature “The Fisherman.” A series of serendipitous events lead to a chance encounter and the fulfilling of an old man’s last earthly desire. ‘The Fisherman’ is set in a neo-tokyo cityscape where electricity is a source of life for a diverse eco-system of mollusc like creatures. A late devoted… Read more →


Trippy Short Film Starring Smug Dolls

Amethyst from Ryan Barri on Vimeo. A friend of ours spent over a year playing with dolls. At first we thought he had lost it, then he showed us this movie… and we realized we were right, he’d gone nuts… But it’s also completely awesome, so we had to share it with you! Now enjoy this completely trippy short film… Read more →