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The New Superman!!

Supes is going through some big changes lately, between the DC reboot redesign (via Jim Lee) and the new Man of Steel Henry Cavill rocking a similarly new costume design.  All we know for sure is The Man of Tomorrow now wears his underwear on the inside of his costume, just like the rest of us! BTW, we never saw… Read more →

This Week’s Show: Friendly Aliens!

On this week’s show we’re taking a look at the friendly non-conquering aliens that have shown up in Movies and TV over the decades. From the newly released  I am Number Four to the never should have been released Mac and Me, we discuss some of the best and worst examples of good hearted non-wanting-to-destroy-mankind aliens, the kind that would… Read more →

On Thursday’s Show BADASS ANGELS!!!

Get ready to be touched by an angel… and his machine gun! On this weeks show we’re talking about all of the badass angels that have come out in movies, TV, and videogames in the last 15 years! From The Prophecy to Bayonetta, we’ll see which Angels sit on your shoulder, and which Angels dislocate it! Listen to Geek World… Read more →

The Dark Knight Rises! AND Marvelous Photos!

It’s been a great week in super hero news! Warner Bros. announced today that The Dark Knight Rises badguy’s are Catwoman and Bane, to be played by Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy! Sweet! We think they’re great choices, 2 great actors for 2 great Batman villains. Though it’s to be noted in the the press release that Anne Hathaway is… Read more →

Geek World Casts Death Note

Last week when we decided to make the topic of this week’s show about live action movie adaptations of animes we knew we had to let the world know who we would cast in an American live action Death Note movie. When we were recording the show on Tuesday we never expected to see the news that things were moving forward… Read more →