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The Origin of Rocket Raccoon

Continuing with our attempt to get you ready for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie (on the last episode of our YouTube show we told you all about Star-Lord), AnnaMay tells you all about the crazy origin of the character Rocket Raccoon! Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show – Quirky Foreign Films!

On this week’s show we take a trip around the world to discuss some of the fun quirky foreign films that we found on Netflix. We’ll be talking about movies from Norway, Thailand, France, China, Germany, India, and Mexico. Find out which ones are worth adding to your queue and which should be ignored. Plus we look at some recent… Read more →

This Week’s Radio Show – The Future!

On this week’s show we take a look at some of the new technology that The Futurist says is on the horizon, discuss what we think of it, and talk about some of the tech we’d love to see invented. We also discuss some of the video game movies that are in the works. Plus we look at some geeky… Read more →

Geek World Radio Episode 11 – Dishonored and WTF Video Game Superpowers

Check out Episode 11 of Geek World Radio on YouTube. We take a little time to discuss the new game Dishonored and use it as a jumping off point for a discussion of some of the strange and funny superpowers (powers, NOT weapons) in video games. Enjoy! Be sure to check out for more episodes of Geek World Radio… Read more →

Give a Nerd a Hug!

We spend an increasing amount of time interacting with people virtually and ignore our need for physical contact. This has sparked a strange (and somewhat disturbing) trend in consumer products that try to fill our desire to be hugged in some very creepy ways. The Dream Man Arm Pillow SourceBecause nothing says good night’s sleep like having a pillow grope… Read more →