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Awesome Artwork by Mark Rivers

Check out this amazing scroll we got from Mark Rivers at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend! It’s called “The Litany of Dagon”! Want to see more of his amazing artwork? Here are some links: Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show! Man of Steel, Galaxy and Apocalypse Wow!

On this week’s show we prepare for the end of times by discussing all the cool science inspired art we saw at the GALAXY: Science Art Party! Then we pray that the amazing Man of Steel trailer is a documentary about Supes saving us from The Mayan Apocalypse! After all of that we’ll discuss the most likely scenarios for the… Read more →

GALAXY: Science. Art. Party

We went to cARTel’s GALAXY: Science. Art. Party. this weekend. Here are some photos of the fantastic planet themed art that was there. Walk on Planet Art by Frank Rozasy Walk on Planet Art by Frank Rozasy Using the Imagination by AXA The Black Light King Using the Imagination by AXA The Black Light King A robot has a drink… Read more →

Geek World Visits Earth 2!

We went to Sherman Oaks today to help celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Earth 2! This comic store rocks for many reasons, one of which is they always seem to have all of the comics we need at the time. Also check out these pictures, they have the actual Justice Society of America painting from the set of Smallville (Above)!… Read more →