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This Week’s Radio Show: IndieCade, Gravity, Supernatural, and More!

On this week’s episode of Geek World we talk about some of the great games we tried at IndieCade and play interviews with some of the game developers (Rollers of the Realm, Killer Queen Arcade, and That Dragon, Cancer). CLICK HERE to check out our IndieCade 2013 Video! We also review the new film Gravity. Then we take a look… Read more →

This Week’s Radio Show: You’re Next, Saints Row IV, and More!

On this week’s radio show review the new horror movie You’re Next. Then we discuss the game Saints Row IV. And we play our interview with Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, creators of the hit web show Husbands. Plus we talk about what’s going on in geek news! All this and much more so tune in Geek World this Thursday… Read more →

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Preview Night – Geek World Radio Ep. 50

On this episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube AnnaMay and Dave take you on their trip to San Diego for Preview Night of San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Stay tuned for more videos, photos, interviews, and much more for our time at SDCC. (Sorry we weren’t able to post more during the convention, but there’s only 2 of us and… Read more →

This Week’s Radio Show: Ninja-Con, E3, and Superman!

On this week’s radio show we get ready for Man of Steel by talking about Superman and playing sound clips from some of the cast and crew of the movie. We’ll also talk about our experience at the first ever Ninja-Con. And even though we can’t be at E3 this year we’ll still talk about some of the big news… Read more →