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This Week’s Radio Show – Upcoming TV Previews

On this week’s radio show talk about the previews for the upcoming shows on NBC, Fox, and ABC and try to figure out if there is anything new we want to watch. Plus we prepare for Star Trek: Into Darkness by talking about some of our favorite Star Trek villains. (To find out about some of the sillier Star Trek… Read more →


This Week’s Show – 2012 Preview

On this week’s show we’re looking into the future to discuss all of the things we’re excited about in 2012. From The Avengers to the newest dystopian world of Bioshock: Infinite, 2012 is sure to be a crazy year (just ask the Mayans!) Also we’ll review the mo-cap awesomeness of The Adventures of Tintin and hack into the american adaptation of The Girl… Read more →