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Green Lantern!!!

Nice work EW! We had no idea what to expect from the costume since it’s all CG, but boy does it look awesome!!!! Man Ryan Reynolds is cooler than you, and us, and everyone. He’s Hal Jordan, Deadpool and married to the Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson. If we ever run into him, we’re checking his pockets for a magic… Read more →


I Touched Scarlett Johansson at 7-11!!

Iron Man 2 has invaded 7-11!!! We just picked up some Iron Man 2 Slurpee’s and I can’t stop drinking Scarlett Johansson! Annamay’s drinking War Machine, and we’re pulling straws to decide who drinks Mickey Rourke, Sin City or not we feel it’s a dubious venture! Annamay’s starting to consider having me commited, apparently it’s not “normal” to drink out… Read more →