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Photo via Superhero Hype Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome. We’re really happy about this look! Adrianne Palicki looks like Diana from the comic! The costume is a great meld of the classic comic costume, the 70’s TV costume, and the new comic version with pants (replacing the weird black slacks)! Wow, this is now a fashion blog. Magic Lasso, check! Bullet… Read more →


Wonder Woman Has Been Cast and AnnaMay called it! (Are the studios listening?)

Left: Wonder Woman depicted by artist Karyn LewisRight: Adrianne Palicki promo photo for Lonestar For years we have been discussing who we thought could take on the role of Wonder Woman if a movie or TV series ever made it to completion. AnnaMay has held firmly to her number one choice and today we found out that she made the… Read more →