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This Week’s Show! DC Reboot!

  This week’s show is all about the first company of comics, DC! We’ll do a history of Detective Comics from it’s inception in the late 1930s to it’s brawl with upstarts Marvel in the 60s, all the way up to this month’s big 52 reboot. We’ll also review Geoff Johns precursor to the all new 52, the mini-series Flashpoint,… Read more →


The New Superman!!

Supes is going through some big changes lately, between the DC reboot redesign (via Jim Lee) and the new Man of Steel Henry Cavill rocking a similarly new costume design.  All we know for sure is The Man of Tomorrow now wears his underwear on the inside of his costume, just like the rest of us! BTW, we never saw… Read more →

Comic-Con Tattoos and More Album Pages!

 This guy has the Silver Surfer’s Power Cosmic on his arm! Something tells me this might be a dubious fellow Jim Lee’s Batman No matter what she’s wearing this Harley Quinn is always cosplaying! Click Here to go to the new page of our 2011 Comic-Con photo album (with celebrity pictures and geektastic tattoos)! We will continue updating our Comic-Con… Read more →