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This Week’s Show

On this week’s show we discuss all of the huge video games released this year and try to decided if 2011 was the best year of video game history! We also take a look back at Smallville to celebrate the upcoming release of the full series dvd set. Plus we take some time for some Thanksgiving fun. All this and much more… Read more →


Geek World Visits Earth 2!

We went to Sherman Oaks today to help celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Earth 2! This comic store rocks for many reasons, one of which is they always seem to have all of the comics we need at the time. Also check out these pictures, they have the actual Justice Society of America painting from the set of Smallville (Above)!… Read more →

Smallville’s 200th Episode Won its Time Slot!

Hey check this out from Ain’t It Cool news: Smallville’s 200th episode edged out CBS’ Medium to win the 8 p.m. Friday timeslot. It’s exceedingly rare for any CW show to win its timeslot. It was a great episode! Smallville High Reunion, James Marsters appearing as Brainiac 5 from the future, Tom Welling playing Clark Kent in 2017 (glasses and… Read more →

Getting Really Upset About Smallville!!! Superman’s New Costume Needs a Doctor, but Who?

Smallville is in its 10th season now (that’s right, you read correctly, tenth season!!!) so all bets are off. We’ve seen Clark fighting crime in red jackets before, but not tiny red leather jackets that seem to be paying homage to one of our favorite shows, Doctor Who!   So just in case you’re unclear, Clark Kent’s new costume looks… Read more →

The Geek World Casting Award Goes To… Human Target!!!

One of the new shows that WE LOVE!!!  this year is Human Target. Not only does it have an outstanding leading cast of Mark Valley (Fringe, The 4400), Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies, House M.D.), and Rorschach himself Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Nightmare on Elm Street’s new Freddy Krueger), but the geektastic guest stars on every episode give Chuck and The… Read more →

It’s All About Smallville Baby!

So Smallville has been making headlines this month. Erica Durance (Smallville’s Lois Lane) graces the cover of Maxim while Smallville’s newest hero Supergirl herself Laura Vandervoort flew onto the cover of Stuff. Then we have our own Geek World headline: we got interviews with some of the cast of Smallville and we’ll be playing some of them this Saturday (don’t… Read more →