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Sarcastic Review of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Geek World Radio Ep. 34

Check out our very sarcastic review of the new video game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, based on AMC’s hit series. For more of our videos go to and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. Read more →

Video Gaming 101 for Parents and Noobs Pt. 1: Video Game Genres

For the newest episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube we present part 1 of a new series: Video Gaming for Parents and Noobs. The hope of this series is that we can make video games more accessible to parents, new gamers, and non-gamers. We’re starting out with the absolute basics so part 1 focuses on popular video game genres.… Read more →


Dishonored Photos from E3

We’ve been having a great time playing Dishonored, how about you? When we were at E3 earlier this year we were lucky enough to visit the Bethesda booth, so here are a few of the photos we got of the Dishonored display they had set up (if you’ve already seen our posts from E3 these are the same photos). Enjoy.… Read more →

Geek World Radio Episode 10 – IndieCade 2012

We had a great time at IndieCade 2012! Check it out on the newest episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube! Plus CLICK HERE to check out some of the photos we took while we were there. And tune in to the radio show this week for even more IndieCade coverage! Read more →


IndieCade 2012 Photos

We had so much fun at IndieCade this year! You can hear all about it on this week’s radio show and YouTube show. For now here are a few photos from the event: IndieCade 2012 Flag Space Invaders Sculpture IndieCade Firehouse Firehouse Enterance Hidden in Plain Sight Game Screen – Knights vs Ninjas Hidden in Plain Sight Gamers Hidden in… Read more →

Geek World Radio Ep. 8 on YouTube – Old School Gaming on SEGA

This episode of Geek World Radio goes old-school. Watch AnnaMay and Dave as they revisit their youth with a selection of games on the SEGA Genesis! (And be sure to keep watching so you can hear their very special original song dedicated to some of Marvel’s greatest heroes.) To see all of our recent videos go to and be… Read more →