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Geek World Loves Androids!

With the release of the new Prometheus viral video, Happy Birthday David, we started thinking there might be a robot love connection between the recently unveiled lifelike androids David (8G) and Quantic Dreams Kara (3G)! The newest Prometheus viral video Happy Birthday David starring Michael Fassbender as a loveably thoughtful android named David (hey ladies he can do anything that could… Read more →


Quantic Dream’s Short Film “Kara”

In the last few years the once unthinkable question of “Are video games better than movies?” has been seriously considered by more than just fanboys. Quantic Dream, the developers of the uber-awesome-creepy-scary Heavy Rain have made an uber-awesome-disturbing-toching sci-fi short film called Kara written and directed by David Cage. Can we nominate this for best animated short? Check it out it’s… Read more →