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Geek World Loves Androids!

With the release of the new Prometheus viral video, Happy Birthday David, we started thinking there might be a robot love connection between the recently unveiled lifelike androids David (8G) and Quantic Dreams Kara (3G)! The newest Prometheus viral video Happy Birthday David starring Michael Fassbender as a loveably thoughtful android named David (hey ladies he can do anything that could… Read more →


This Week’s Show – Sherlock Holmes!

On this week’s show we’re using our keen powers of observation to review the new movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. We’ll also take a look at the newly released DVD for the Zoe Saldana action flick Colombiana. Plus we’ll delve furthur into the Sherlock Holmes mythology and take a look at other characters that seem to be molded after… Read more →