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E3 2012 Photos – Tattoos of E3

Here are some photos of the great geeky tattoos we saw at E3: Optimus Prime tattoo.*Flesh Canvas Provided By Sean Long The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo.*Flesh Canvas Provided By Sean Long Tron and Donkey Kong tattoos. Tron crashed Light Cycle tattoo. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong tattoo. Tron Light Cycle tattoo. Halo Energy Sword tattoo. CLICK HERE to check out… Read more →


Promo for Thursday’s Huge Comic-Con Show!!!

Inside Flynn’s ArcadeThe Tron: Legacy Press RoomAnnaMay trying on the Iron Man Motorcycle suit! This weeks show is all about the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con! We have interviews with some of the cast and filmmakers from Tron: Legacy, including the directors of both Tron and Tron: Legacy and Tron himself Bruce Boxleitner. We also interviewed the stars of Leverage, Timothy… Read more →