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If Internet Commenters Ran Hollywood – Geek World Radio Ep. 56

On this episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube AnnaMay and Dave talk about the craziness being spouted on the web since the announcement that Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman, and try to picture a world where internet commenters rule Hollywood. For all of our videos go to and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. Read more →

A Geeky Walk Home!

Every day I walk home from work, which could be boring, but luckily I find entertainment in my surroundings (technically the sidewalk). For instance, every time I see this: I picture this: Sidewalk crack or Sidewalk BATMAN? A few blocks later I pass this: Hey internet cat fans, I’d like you to meet “Sidewalk Cat“! I don’t know how it… Read more →

What is Homestuck?

Homestuck is more than just a massive web comic, it’s a phenomenon, so at Phoenix Comicon this year we asked a bunch of Homestuck cosplayers to explain everything they could about Homestuck, but we only gave them 30 seconds to do it! Here are the results: Read more →

G.I. Joe Theme Song Music Video

Check out this music video we made featuring cosplay and stop motion dancing action figures set to an acapella version of the G.I. Joe theme song performed by David Stills. For more of our videos go to and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. Read more →