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Comic-Con 2019: Dragon Ball World Tour! BREAKING WORLD RECORDS!!

We get so excited to see this exhibition every year! Long live Dragon Ball!!   Anna Getting Ready to help Break a World Record! These 3 photos of the Guinness World Record Largest Kamehameha are NOT Ours Top image courtesy of Funimation, middle images Blufin, bottom image Jah’lon Escudero Now to OUR PICTURES!!!!! Here’s an short Instagram story of the… Read more →


Comic-Con 2018! The Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Activation!

We had a great time going covert and analyzing the Jack Ryan Activation at Comic-Con! The giant Bazaar in the middle of San Diego! The VR Experience The Escape Room The Heroes… Action has a new name: Anna and Dave!!!! Well it’s 2 names but you get it… @jackryanamazon #jackryan #poster #comiccon #sdcc #sdcc2018 #silly #actionmode A post shared by… Read more →

control room!

Comic-Con 2018! Project Bluebook Activation!

We had an awesome time at the Project Blue Book Activation at Comic-Con this year! This cool looking new series is about actual Top-Secret investigations into UFO’s in the 1950’s and 60’s. We’ll talk about our experience finding out the truth of visitors from another world on our big Comic-Con show next week. Until then, pictures!!!! The Truth is Unidentified… Read more →


This Week’s Show: Doctor Who!

With the release of a new teaser showcasing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, this week’s show will be all about Doctor Who! Favorite Doctors, companions, episodes, hopes for the next season and more will be discussed on this episode of Geek World! Visit to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the tape on the front page)! You… Read more →


This Week’s Show: Sci-Fi Comedy!

We take a trip into the future to tickle our funny bones tricorder style on this week’s Geek World! From the fantastic Seth MacFarlane comedy The Orville, to the legendary Spaceballs, we discuss the best in sci-fi comedy! Visit to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the tape on the front page)! You can also tune in Tuesdays… Read more →