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This Week’s Show – Huge Comic-Con Show Part 2!

This week’s show will be Pt. 2 of our Big Comic-Con Show! Dave was too busy to record, so this week join Anna and find out about the first sci-fi show from the middle east, Medinah. We’ve got a bunch of amazing interviews, including Natasha Henstridge, Eric Roberts, Tahmoh Penikett, and many more. Great News: Indie 100 has been revamped!… Read more →


“The Fisherman” An Exclusive Animated Sci-Fi Short Film from DUST

Sci-Fi short film channel DUST just released their first exclusive animated feature “The Fisherman.” A series of serendipitous events lead to a chance encounter and the fulfilling of an old man’s last earthly desire. ‘The Fisherman’ is set in a neo-tokyo cityscape where electricity is a source of life for a diverse eco-system of mollusc like creatures. A late devoted… Read more →


Ascension Interviews

When we were at SDCC this year we had the chance to talk to some of the cast and the creator of SyFy’s new show Ascension. The 6 part series begins today (Dec. 15, 2014) and now you can prepare for it with our interviews: Tricia Helfer Brian Van Holt Al Sapienza Andrea Roth Philip Levens (creator) Read more →