This Week’s Radio Show: Shin Godzilla and a Classic Cowboy Show!

On the radio show this week Anna reviews Shin Godzilla, the new Godzilla from Toho (in limited release in America from October 11-18 thanks to Funimation). But mainly this show is a throwback show to our cowboy and western episode. We know there have been some tech difficulties with Indie 100 and The Point lately, so just tune in Tuesdays… Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show: Our Favorite Directors Favorite Movies!

On the radio show this week we discuss the LACMA exhibit ‘Guillermo Del Toro: At Home With Monsters’ which has a selection of Del Toro’s amazing movie memorabilia collection. Then we discuss some other great directors and look at lists of their favorite movies. Click icon for live broadcast Thursday and Friday @Noon (PST) If the show isn’t playing properly… Read more →