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This Week’s Show: Movie Stars in Video Games

Playing Call of Duty: WWII this week made us think about how cool it is that we can be Ving Rhames fighting zombies. Then we thought about running from a killer in Until Dawn as Rami Malek, or making policy with Vice President Keith David in Saints Row the IV. Video games have always had celebrity voices, but with ever emerging technologies… Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show: Killer Animal Movies (a Geek World Classic Episode) UPDATED With LINKS!

Check out the episode here!! Killer Animals Pt.1 Killer Animals Pt.2 On the radio show this week we’ve got another classic episode for you to enjoy. Back in 2012 we were joined by Darkubus Rybar as we took a bite out of some of the awesome, scary, and often silly movies about animals that kill people. From the recently released… Read more →