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This Week’s Show: Doctor Who!

With the release of a new teaser showcasing Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, this week’s show will be all about Doctor Who! Favorite Doctors, companions, episodes, hopes for the next season and more will be discussed on this episode of Geek World! VisitĀ Indie100.comĀ to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the tape on the front page)! You… Read more →


This Week’s Show: 80’s Nostalgia Attack, The Legacy of George Romero and Doctor Who!

On this week’s show we’ll talk about all of the 80’s nostalgia hitting screens, between Glow, Stranger Things, and the upcoming Ready Player One, we’re going to figure out why everyone’s so desperate to bring back the age of shoulder pads and Van Halen. Also we’ll spend some time discussing the legacy of the late George Romero, who practically single… Read more →