This Week’s Show: We Pitch Anime!!!

We’re going super weird on this week’s show and throwing out pitch ideas for the craziest anime we can think of. Do we have any good ideas or are we just loser weebs regurgitating tropes? Either way it’s sure to be a glorious adventure on this week’s Geek World! Visit to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the… Read more →


This Week’s Show: Doctor Who is Back!

After a bit of a break we’re back, and it’s not just us! This week’s show is all about the exciting return of Doctor Who and the new Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker! We’re taking the premiere, new show runner Chris Chibnall and overall Whovian goodness! Visit to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the tape on the… Read more →


This Week’s Show: Actor Role Reprisals

With the extremely exciting news of Patrick Stewart returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek show, This weeks episode is all about actors returning to iconic roles after long absences. Whether it be Harrison Ford’s epic career farewell tour (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Blade Runner) or Jamie Lee Curtis returning again to Halloween (what about… Read more →


Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018!

One of the coolest things to do at Comic-Con 2018 was outside the convention center and totally free! The Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018 was like a dream come true to us DBZ nerds!     Dave went Dragon Ball Super Crazy at #db_tour2018 @funimation @toei_animation #dragonballz #dragonballsuper #funimation #goku #vegeta #broly #comiccon #fun #dbz #toeianimsdcc A post shared… Read more →


Comic-Con 2018! The Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Activation!

We had a great time going covert and analyzing the Jack Ryan Activation at Comic-Con! The giant Bazaar in the middle of San Diego! The VR Experience The Escape Room The Heroes… Action has a new name: Anna and Dave!!!! Well it’s 2 names but you get it… @jackryanamazon #jackryan #poster #comiccon #sdcc #sdcc2018 #silly #actionmode A post shared by… Read more →