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Cosplay in 2012 – Geek World Radio Episode 22

On episode 22 of Geek World Radio we take a look at some of the most popular cosplay trends in 2012 and predict what will be big in 2013 with a bunch of cosplay photos from events throughout the year. For more of our videos go to and be sure to SUBSCRIBE. Read more →


Anime Expo 2012 Photos – Marvel/DC Group

Saturday at Anime Expo 2012 was crazy and we took so many photos. We’ll try to get the album finished as soon as we can and we’ll have plenty more pics up on the blog throughout the week. For now check out these pictures of the huge DC/Marvel group: Marvel and DC Universes unite! Batman is pleased to see so… Read more →


WonderCon 2012: More Photos

Watch out heroes, the Joker is sneaking up behind you! Canti’s appearance at WonderCon left Naota with a splitting headache! Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine protect WonderCon from a zombie attack! Luckily when X-23 was cloned from Wolverine’s DNA they left out the “excessively hairy” gene. The Ice King is stopped by a double Finn attack while Bane tries to… Read more →

You Just Got Served by the Justice League!!!

Have you ever thought to yourself “Hey I wonder what the world would be like if we had superheroes and instead of saving the day they would just sing and dance?” Well thanks to a Brazilian singing group? Dance troupe? Cult? from the 1970s you don’t just have to imagine the possibility! It’s like Spider-Man and Thor joined the Justice… Read more →

This Week’s Show!

On this week’s show we’re putting on our cape and cowl to fight crime in the epic new game Batman: Arkham City! Then we’re joining forces to take on the bolt filled masses in Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One. Plus we’re going to explore TV’s new take on fairy tales with the pilot of NBC’s upcoming supernatural drama Grimm… Read more →

Everyone Wants to be in Arkham! Part 2

Have you zipped up your cat suit and sharpened your claws to become the world’s greatest thief? Batman: Arkham City just came out and to show our excitement we’re pulling out some of the great Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City cosplay we’ve gotten photos of at past events! We look forward to all the Batman: Arkham City cosplay… Read more →

New Comic-Con Photo Page: DC

Classic TV Batman cosplay is awesome! Only Danger Girl can handle the intensity of Cat-Man! Black Canary reminds us all of why cosplay is a good idea! Another day (err week…) another page of our Comic-Con photo album! This new page is all about DC comics cosplay. Check back in a few days for Marvel! Read more →