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The Origin of Rocket Raccoon

Continuing with our attempt to get you ready for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie (on the last episode of our YouTube show we told you all about Star-Lord), AnnaMay tells you all about the crazy origin of the character Rocket Raccoon! Read more →


San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos – Batman and DC

We’re still working hard on getting all of our Comic-Con photos up. (By the way stay tuned because the next set of photos we’re planning is our Tattoos of Comic-Con post – we promise!) For now check out this new set of SDCC 2012 photos: Spoiler Alert: This is a still from the end of The Dark Knight Rises Batman,… Read more →

This Week’s Show – Non-Comic Book Superhero Movies!

Inspired by the release of the telekinetic thriller Chronicle, on this week’s show we’ll fly into the world of superpower/ superhero movies not based on comics. From the Sky High action of Hancock and The Incredibles to the headache inducing powers of Meteor Man and Puma Man, we’ll see if the superhero genre can survive non-comic inspired movies. Listen to Geek World… Read more →

This Week’s Show! New TV Season, Comic Books, & Dead Island!

  On this week’s show we’re taking a look at the upcoming TV season starting with a review of the pilot  of the new Sarah Michelle Gellar drama Ringer. Also we’ll look back at a very witchy 4th season of  True Blood. We’ll duct tape some household items to do battle with the vacation-survival-horror-nightmare video game Dead Island, and we’ll take… Read more →