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What is Homestuck?

Homestuck is more than just a massive web comic, it’s a phenomenon, so at Phoenix Comicon this year we asked a bunch of Homestuck cosplayers to explain everything they could about Homestuck, but we only gave them 30 seconds to do it! Here are the results: Read more →

Phoenix Comicon 2013 – Geek World Radio Ep 43

On this episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube we cover Phoenix Comicon 2013. We’ve got cosplay, clips from panels, and much more! You can also see our PHOTO ALBUM from the event (we’re still posting more so keep checking the album for updates). CLICK HERE to check out all of our videos from Phoenix Comicon 2013 (we’re still adding… Read more →


Phoenix Comicon 2013 Photos – Pt 3

We’re still posting our pics from Phoenix Comicon 2013! Keep checking back because we’ll have plenty more photos coming soon. Batman villains team up Naruto goes into Chakra Mode Vriska and Eridan from Homestuck Kenny and The Doctor Booker protects Elizabeth with Murder of Crows Skyrim! Cammy and Poison Look out Misty, it’s Team Rocket. Corvo Attano from Dishonored Wolverine… Read more →

This Week’s Radio Show: Phoenix Comicon, Fast and Furious 6, and More!

On this week’s radio show we’ll talk all about our time at Phoenix Comicon 2013, from the cosplay to the panels, and everything in between. We’ll also review the newest addition to the Fast and Furious franchise, Fast and Furious 6. We’ll talk about the movie and our experience watching it in D-Box seats. Plus we’ll discuss some of the… Read more →


Phoenix Comicon 2013 Photos – Pt. 2

Here’s a few more of our photos from Phoenix Comicon 2013! Keep checking back because we’ll have plenty more photos coming soon. Guardians of the Galaxy Joker Anbu Black Ops and Kakashi Desmond from Assassin’s Creed The Lutece Twins from Bioshock Infinite The Penguin Sam, Castiel, and Kevin Tran from Supernatural Juggernaut Hit Girl and Big Daddy Morrigan Baby Link… Read more →


Phoenix Comicon 2013 Photos – Part 1

Phoenix Comicon 2013 is off to a great start. Here’s a few of the photos we took of the awesome cosplayers! Keep checking back because we’ll have plenty more photos coming soon. Poison Ivy Jak and Daxter Vegeta Tank Girl Wayne and Garth Michonne Darth Maul Vriska Serket Android 18 Storm Goa’uld warrior Zombies And here are a couple Iron… Read more →

Zombie Attack Promo!

UPDATE: The Zombie Attack Promo has been removed! We’re making some changes to the way we’re doing the YouTube show, most importantly all episodes of will now be on along with all our other recent and new videos! Check it out, we’ve got some great videos from Comic-Con and we keep adding more! We may even add a new zombie promo. Read more →


More Phoenix Comicon Photos

We’re still working hard to get up photos from the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. Here’s another batch: Jiraiya better watch out, Cammy is no Pichi Pichi girl! Gaara, please don’t use Sand Coffin on us! Kakuzu seems to have stolen The Avengers’ hearts. The Dalek girls are coming to exterminate us. Best Doctor Who Cosplay EVER: It’s Craig with Stormageddon! Dragon… Read more →