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This Week’s Radio Show: Ninja-Con, E3, and Superman!

On this week’s radio show we get ready for Man of Steel by talking about Superman and playing sound clips from some of the cast and crew of the movie. We’ll also talk about our experience at the first ever Ninja-Con. And even though we can’t be at E3 this year we’ll still talk about some of the big news… Read more →


Video Gaming 101 for Parents and Noobs Pt. 1: Video Game Genres

For the newest episode of Geek World Radio on YouTube we present part 1 of a new series: Video Gaming for Parents and Noobs. The hope of this series is that we can make video games more accessible to parents, new gamers, and non-gamers. We’re starting out with the absolute basics so part 1 focuses on popular video game genres.… Read more →

Geek World Radio Episode 11 – Dishonored and WTF Video Game Superpowers

Check out Episode 11 of Geek World Radio on YouTube. We take a little time to discuss the new game Dishonored and use it as a jumping off point for a discussion of some of the strange and funny superpowers (powers, NOT weapons) in video games. Enjoy! Be sure to check out for more episodes of Geek World Radio… Read more →

This Week’s Show: E3 2012!

This week is our HUGE E3 show! We spent last week checking out as many awesome upcoming games as we could at the convention and now we’re ready to tell you all about it. We’ll fill you in on some of the hottest sequels like Assassin’s Creed 3, Farcry 3, Resident Evil 6, and Borderlands 2. We’ll  discuss our booth visits,… Read more →


E3 2012 Photos – Day 1

We had a great time checking out all the great games at E3 and now that the expo is over we finally have a chance to get some photos up! Here are some pics we got day 1 of the event: Medal of Honor banner outside the LA Convention Center. Sweet Tooth and Nate Drake get ready to compete in… Read more →