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Geek World Radio Ep. 8 on YouTube – Old School Gaming on SEGA

This episode of Geek World Radio goes old-school. Watch AnnaMay and Dave as they revisit their youth with a selection of games on the SEGA Genesis! (And be sure to keep watching so you can hear their very special original song dedicated to some of Marvel’s greatest heroes.) To see all of our recent videos go to and be… Read more →

Geek World Radio Episode 3 – What Makes an 80s & 90s Action Movie

To celebrate The Expendables 2 we discuss 10 of the things that action movies in the 1980s and 1990s included to reach that extra level of extreme awesomeness. Don’t forget to go to to see all our videos and be sure to subscribe! Read more →


In tribute to Mother’s Day, we put together a list of the Top Super-Mom’s of Geekdom! 8-7) Chi-Chi and Bulma (from Dragon Ball Z) Image via TheGeekReview Chi-Chi’s a princess from a mountain that was literally engulfed in flames until a strange boy named Goku distinguished said flames with a Kamehameha blast. Ever since that day Chi-Chi made it her… Read more →


In case you missed our epic play by play of all the Time Titans putting the smack down on todays episode… here it is! WHO WILL WIN TO REACH THE FINAL ROUND AGAINST THE DOCTOR!!!!!! The Podcast for Today’s show is already posted in case you missed it!Part 1Part 2 Read more →