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This Week’s Radio Show – Comikaze 2013, Face Off, and More

On this week’s episode of Geek World we talk about our time at Comikaze 2013. We also discuss the season finale of Syfy’s Face Off. Plus we talk about what’s going on in geek news! CLICK HERE to check out our photos from Comikaze.CLICK HERE to check out our Comikaze 2013 videos. All this and much more so tune in… Read more →


Comikaze 2013 Photos – Part 2

Never turn your back on Deadpool. Static Shock RWBY group The Winter Soldier hunts for Captain America in the convention center. Robin and Lara Croft team up. Sakura and Viper are ready for a street fight. DC Group I don’t remember Transformers showing so much skin. Green Lantern needs to charge his ring before he fights Bizarro It’s like Days… Read more →


Comikaze 2013 Photos – Part 1

Don’t mess with Daenerys and her dragon! Where is Batman when you need him? It’s like Jason jumped straight out of my NES. Thanos shows off the Infinity Gauntlet. Harley Quinn and the Joker cause mischief at Comikaze Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Hannibal Chau and Dr. Newton Geiszler from Pacific Rim. Dante searches for demons at the convention center Adam… Read more →