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WonderCon 2014 Photos – Part 2

Bizzaro looks for The Man of Steel at WonderCon Mordecai and Rigby become Jonins of the Leaf Lara Croft tries to survive WonderCon Batman decides if he can’t beat em, join the band Raphael takes a break from set to bust heads at WonderCon Spike and Faye try and collect a bounty at the con Captain America does her best… Read more →


Comikaze 2013 Photos – Part 2

Never turn your back on Deadpool. Static Shock RWBY group The Winter Soldier hunts for Captain America in the convention center. Robin and Lara Croft team up. Sakura and Viper are ready for a street fight. DC Group I don’t remember Transformers showing so much skin. Green Lantern needs to charge his ring before he fights Bizarro It’s like Days… Read more →

This Week’s Show: E3 2012!

This week is our HUGE E3 show! We spent last week checking out as many awesome upcoming games as we could at the convention and now we’re ready to tell you all about it. We’ll fill you in on some of the hottest sequels like Assassin’s Creed 3, Farcry 3, Resident Evil 6, and Borderlands 2. We’ll  discuss our booth visits,… Read more →