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Anime Expo 2011- Day 3 Photos Pt.2!

The Fourth Hokage gets ready to fight the Nine-Tails with Thor’s Mjolnir The Armstrongs from Full Metal Alchemist show off their muscles If you get separated from your group at the expo you might be Left 4 Dead Black Gold Saw seems like a very appropriate name for this character The Zelda group runs a foul a horde of Barbarians!… Read more →


More Photos from Phoenix Comicon 2011

So much to do so little time (and so few working computers). Here are a few more of out photos from Phoenix Comicon 2011 while we slowly work on getting the album up. Peter Parker is ready to swing into some Spiderman action! Avengers Assemble! Joker, what nefarious plans do you have for that rubber chicken? How do we get… Read more →


Awesome!!! We’re excited for Captain America: The First Avenger! Apparently some people are starting to notice most American Superheroes are not played by Americans. So this should make all you haters out there happy, look it’s Chris Evans playing Captain America, he’s American! We should be seeing promos for Captain America and Thor during the Big Game this Sunday! Read more →

The Dark Knight Rises! AND Marvelous Photos!

It’s been a great week in super hero news! Warner Bros. announced today that The Dark Knight Rises badguy’s are Catwoman and Bane, to be played by Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy! Sweet! We think they’re great choices, 2 great actors for 2 great Batman villains. Though it’s to be noted in the the press release that Anne Hathaway is… Read more →

ODIN!!!! Thor and Captain America Become Three Dimensional Characters!

First picture of Anthony Hopkins as Odin in Marvel’s Thor is here! This movie is going to rock! Both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will be converted to 3-D whether you like it or not. Thor‘s in post production and Captain America just started shooting last week, La Times asked Director Joe Johnston about shooting in 3-D. Johnston… Read more →