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This Week’s Radio Show – Shonen Jump Interview & The Hobbit

On this week’s show Darkubus Rybar joins us to discuss The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and talk about what we’re all looking forward to in 2014. Plus we interview Andy Nakatani, Editor in Chief of Weekly Shonen Jump, about the most popular Shonen Jump characters, what’s coming in 2014, and much more! We also talk about what’s going on… Read more →


This Weeks Radio Show!

On this week’s show we review Quentin Tarantino’s new blood soaked masterpiece Django Unchained. Also we actually got to see The Hobbit! In 48 FPS! We’ll give our impressions of Peter Jackson’s latest jaunt through Middle Earth and whether or not High Frame Rate projection is a game changer, or if it just looks like bad HD TV. All this… Read more →


San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Photos – Part 3

Yes, we’re still getting photos up from SDCC 2012. Here’s another set with some of the great cosplay we saw at the convention.: It’s a street fight in the front hall of the convention center. Nate Drake seeks out the treasures hidden at SDCC. OMG I think Black Cat skinned a tribble to get the fur on her costume! It’s… Read more →