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This Week’s Radio Show: Black Sails, Sherlock, Face Off, and Much More!

On this week’s episode of Geek World we discuss the premiere of Sherlock Season 3. We also review the first episode of the new Starz pirate series, Black Sails (CLICK HERE to see our Helix interviews). We take some time to chat about the new season of Face Off. And we chat about the Oscar nominations. Plus we talk about… Read more →


This Week’s Radio Show – Comikaze 2013, Face Off, and More

On this week’s episode of Geek World we talk about our time at Comikaze 2013. We also discuss the season finale of Syfy’s Face Off. Plus we talk about what’s going on in geek news! CLICK HERE to check out our photos from Comikaze.CLICK HERE to check out our Comikaze 2013 videos. All this and much more so tune in… Read more →

This Week’s Radio Show: Elysium, The World’s End, and More!

On this week’s radio show we discuss Neill Blomkamp’s action packed new movie, Elysium. Then we talk about the new season of Face Off on SyFy, and the series premiere of Heroes of Cosplay. And we give you an early review of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s hilarious pub hopping robot fighting film, The World’s End! Plus we talk about… Read more →

This Week’s Show – Robots and New TV Shows

On this week’s show we’ll review the soon to be released DVD of Hugh Jackman’s Rocky/Over the Top meets Rock Em Sock Em Robots boxing movie Real Steel, and discuss some of our favorite robots, androids, and cyborgs. We’ll also take time to discuss some new and returning TV shows including the Season 2 premieres of SyFy’s Face Off and Being Human… Read more →

This Week’s Show: Homefront and Beyond!!

On this week’s show we’re joined in the studio by Darkubus Rybar to review the highly anticipated new videogame Homefront.  Also we’ll discuss the awesome career of Homefront‘s writer John Milius, the man responsible for scripting Apocalypse Now and also writing/directing Red Dawn and Conan the Barbarian! We’ll also be reviewing the new extra-terrestrial comedy Paul, as well as the… Read more →

This Week’s Show: Buffy Season 8 and New TV Shows!

On this weeks show we’ll be reviewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, as well as taking a look at new TV shows Face Off and An Idiot Abroad. Plus we’ll talk about the return of Vampire Diaries and Nikita, give the U.S. remake of Being Human a second look. Also a brand new segment on the show we like… Read more →