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Picture for Thursday’s Show!!! Dave’s New Nephew Max!!!!!

Do you see the resemblance? It’s been a crazy week in Rochester, we got to see Dave’s new nephew Max, we went to the first ever AniBash cosplay event in Seneca Park and we have a new show airing! On this week’s show we talk about the shennanigans we got into at AniBash, including a detailed look at the cosplay… Read more →


Torchwood USA? Is America ready for a bi-sexual superhero?

News broke today that Fox is planning to remake BBC’s hit show “Torchwood” for American audiences. A spin-off of “Dr. Who”, “Torchwood” follows a team of alien fighting Brit’s led by the immortal and indestructible Capt. Jack Harkness. The show has enjoyed 2 well rated seasons and a mini-series follow-up “Children of Earth” that broke ratings records for the BBC.… Read more →