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Promo for Thursdays Show! Resident Evil!!!!

This week’s show is all about Resident Evil! We’ll be reviewing the new 3D action-packed Resident Evil: Afterlife, as well as the previous 3 films of the franchise, and how they compare to the long-running video game franchise. Also we’ll spend a little time talking about the CW’s new femme fatal Nikita.Listen to Geek World this Thursday and Friday at… Read more →


Resident Evil: Afterlife Teaser!!!!!!

Resident Evil: Afterlife is one of our most anticipated (actual) 3D movies. Hopefully everyone feeling screwed after Clash of the Titans won’t write this one off cause it looks BOSS!!!! The Executioner and Wesker look totally awesome, but my favorite part is the card at the beginning that clarifies that this movie was shot with the 3D Fusion Camera’s James… Read more →


All you sucka’s who thought the Resident Evil movies weren’t enough like the games, TAKE THIS!!!!!!! Alice and Claire Redfield!! THIS HAPPENED IN RE5!!!!!!! Wesker throwing his shades at Chris Redfield (and Jill Valentine in RE5) as he begins his Kunfu Uroboros Attack!!!! Yeah Wentworth Miller!!! I almost died of AWESOME seeing this!!! I mean if you only played the… Read more →