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Everyone Wants to be in Arkham! Part 2

Have you zipped up your cat suit and sharpened your claws to become the world’s greatest thief? Batman: Arkham City just came out and to show our excitement we’re pulling out some of the great Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City cosplay we’ve gotten photos of at past events! We look forward to all the Batman: Arkham City cosplay… Read more →



In case you missed our epic play by play of all the Time Titans putting the smack down on todays episode… here it is! WHO WILL WIN TO REACH THE FINAL ROUND AGAINST THE DOCTOR!!!!!! The Podcast for Today’s show is already posted in case you missed it!Part 1Part 2 Read more →

Heroes Season 1 DVD

In case you missed our show on Saturday we spent a bunch of time talking about the DVD’s for Heroes Season 1. They are jam packed with special features including deleted scenes, commentaries, various featurettes, etc… If you’ve been watching the show you will certainly want the DVD’s for the special features and to rewatch the episodes. If you haven’t… Read more →

Super Mars

In case you haven’t heard yet the beautiful Kristen Bell will be joining the cast of Heroes. We have enjoyed her work in Veronica Mars, and Reefer Madness: The Musical and as huge Heroes fans we couldn’t be happier. She has been tapped to play a mysterious could be good could be bad new character attached closely to H.R.G. and… Read more →

Star Trek XI: Search For Sylar?

This goes under the catagory of wild rumor. My informat “Stupid Sister” found this little tidbit that originated at CHUD.COM and then was posted here TrekWebSo Zachary Quinto from Heroes, everyones favorite brain jonesing super-villain Sylar is supposedly in negotiations to play Spock in J.J. Abrams retooling of the Star Trek franchise. Keep in mind as I’ve said total rumor,… Read more →