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Better Late Than Never: Roc-Con 2011 Photo Album

Back in September we went to Roc-Con 2011 (The Rochester Sci-Fi Anime & Comic Book Convention). It’s taken a while but we finally had time to get the photo album up! Izaya causes mischief at Roc-Con. Tier Harribel and Shuhei Hisagi do battle. Green Lantern powers up. Amy Pond enjoys a snack with the 10th Doctor Rapture couldn’t keep these… Read more →


This Week’s Show!

On this week’s show AnnaMay and Dave traveled to the East Coast and spent some time in Rochester, NY checking out the geeky fun of Roc-Con and reveling in the video game bonanza that is the The Strong Museum of Play’s eGame Revolution! We’ll also continue our reviews of newly premiered fall shows like the T-Rex time traveling confusarama Terra… Read more →