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Better Late than Never – Another Comic-Con Photo Page

Sure it’s taking us forever to get up the full album from Comic-Con but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying! That’s right folks, we finally have up another page of our 2011 San Diego Comic Con Photo Album up and it’s full of anime fun! Hey Panty and Stocking, where’s Garterbelt? Durarara! It’s nice to Vegeta and Goku getting along! Make… Read more →


Ghost Adventures Interviews!

At Comic-Con this year we got to have some spooky interviews with 2 of the stars of Ghost Adventures, Nick Groff (Investigator/host) and Aaron Goodwin (cameraman/Equipment Technician). We talk to them about fighting ghosts, being haunted and what ghost movies are most accurate to real-life paranormal activity! At 2:33 Nick talks about coming face to face with a ghost At 2:37 Aaron talks… Read more →

New Comic-Con Photo Page: Marvel

We have another page of our 2011 San Diego Comic Con Photo Album up and it’s Marvel-ous! Ladies of Marvel and DC Team Up! Black Cat and Psylocke show Marvel’s Sexy Side She Will Punish You! Captain Native American thinks Galactus is Hot! I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with them! The only thing that can stop these… Read more →

Ray Wise Interview from Comic-Con

The video of our interview with Ray Wise from San Diego Comic-Con is now up! We talk to Ray about his new project Nuclear Family from Vuguru, as well as some Twin Peaks, Reaper and of course Swamp Thing! See all our videos from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con on! Read more →

Doctor Who at Comic-Con!

We were so excited to see so much Doctor Who cosplay at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con! In fact we took so many photos with a Doctor Who theme that we devoted an entire page of the photo album to Doctor Who at SDCC 2011! If I could travel through time and space I would definitely stop at Comic-Con! Would… Read more →

Geek World’s Round Table Interview with Bruce Campbell at SDCC 2011

Here is the video of the full round table interview with Bruce Campbell that Geek World participated in! This year we got so many great interviews at San Diego Comic-Con and it was truly an honor to get to talk to this geek icon! CLICK HERE to see all the videos we have up from the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con… Read more →