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This Week’s Show – Non-Comic Book Superhero Movies!

Inspired by the release of the telekinetic thriller Chronicle, on this week’s show we’ll fly into the world of superpower/ superhero movies not based on comics. From the Sky High action of Hancock and The Incredibles to the headache inducing powers of Meteor Man and Puma Man, we’ll see if the superhero genre can survive non-comic inspired movies. Listen to Geek World… Read more →


On This Week’s Show We Get Animated About Our Superheroes

In tribute of the newly released DC animated feature All-Star Superman, we discuss all of the DC and Marvel original animated features that have come out in recent years. We’ll also be reviewing the DVD releases for Megamind and Faster, try to decipher the mess which was this years Oscars and finally admit that we are on a drug, it’s… Read more →