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This Week’s Show – Non-Comic Book Superhero Movies!

Inspired by the release of the telekinetic thriller Chronicle, on this week’s show we’ll fly into the world of superpower/ superhero movies not based on comics. From the Sky High action of Hancock and The Incredibles to the headache inducing powers of Meteor Man and Puma Man, we’ll see if the superhero genre can survive non-comic inspired movies. Listen to Geek World… Read more →



In tribute to Mother’s Day, we put together a list of the Top Super-Mom’s of Geekdom! 8-7) Chi-Chi and Bulma (from Dragon Ball Z) Image via TheGeekReview Chi-Chi’s a princess from a mountain that was literally engulfed in flames until a strange boy named Goku distinguished said flames with a Kamehameha blast. Ever since that day Chi-Chi made it her… Read more →