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Comikaze 2012 Photos – Part 3: Resident Evil

Since we’re talking about Resident Evil: Retribution on the radio show this week here are some Resident Evil cosplay photos from Comikaze 2012! Claire Redfield Claire Redfield Jill Valentine *Cosplayer: Stephaine aka SigmaRue Jill Valentine *Cosplayer: Stephaine aka SigmaRue Umbrella Soldiers Jill Valentine and Wall-E *Cosplayer: Stephaine aka SigmaRue Alice from Resident Evil: Extinction Stay tuned for more Comikaze photos. For now… Read more →


The Fashion of Resident Evil

We talk a lot about the great monsters from the Resident Evil games being directly translated into the films. Aside from zombies, we’ve seen zombie crows and dogs, as well as popular creatures like Lickers, Nemesis, Executioner, and G-Virus monsters.We love how these creatures in the RE movies look almost identical to their game versions, but what about the human… Read more →


All you sucka’s who thought the Resident Evil movies weren’t enough like the games, TAKE THIS!!!!!!! Alice and Claire Redfield!! THIS HAPPENED IN RE5!!!!!!! Wesker throwing his shades at Chris Redfield (and Jill Valentine in RE5) as he begins his Kunfu Uroboros Attack!!!! Yeah Wentworth Miller!!! I almost died of AWESOME seeing this!!! I mean if you only played the… Read more →