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This Week’s Show: Video Game Mascots

On this week’s show we’re discussing the videogame mascots of the new age. As Mario and Sonic battle for longevity we’ll take a look at the new iconic faces that keep the video game business in business. Visit to hear our new shows Every Wednesday (just click on the tape on the front page)! You can also tune in Tuesdays at… Read more →


Dragon Ball Super: Broly Interview with Sean Schemmel

We we’re lucky enough to spend some time chatting with iconic voice actor Sean Schemmel (Voice of Goku & King Kai) about the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly! Sean also talks about playing Goku Black, some of his favorite career moments in DBZ, and then we veer off into some Apocalypse talk, Yay!   Dragon Ball Super: Broly will… Read more →