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This Week’s Show: Geek Questions That Need Answers!

On this week’s show we’ll challenge each other with the most difficult Geek questions we can think of. What super hero would make the best wingman? Who would be the best robot sidekick? Would you rather be Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Play along with us this week on Geek World! We know there have been some tech difficulties with… Read more →


Iron Man Mark XL Shotgun Figurine from Comicave Studios

Bluefin Distribution has recently released this beautiful Iron Man 3 Mark 40 Super Alloy 1/12 scale “Shotgun” figurine made by Comicave Studios. It is fully articulated and has various interchangeable accessories, as well as LED lights in the eyes and chest. It’s 75% Die-cast metal and it’s pretty freaking awesome. Here’s our unboxing of the figure Here’s some of our… Read more →