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This Week’s Show: Geek Questions That Need Answers!

On this week’s show we’ll challenge each other with the most difficult Geek questions we can think of. What super hero would make the best wingman? Who would be the best robot sidekick? Would you rather be Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Play along with us this week on Geek World! We know there have been some tech difficulties with… Read more →


All of our Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Coverage!

Red carpet interviews with the cast about Dragon Ball Super, a review of the Japanese version, a Comic-Con Boot Camp with the voice cast and an unboxing! Dragon Ball Z Cast Talks Dragon Ball Super Comic-Con Boot Camp with Sean Schemmel, Christopher Sabat, Chris Ayers and Justin Cook World Premiere review on Anime Vice (Japanese Version) Unboxing DBZ: Resurrection F… Read more →