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This Week’s Show: We Really Wanted to Like This, Why Didn’t We?

We’ve all been through it, we watched a movie or a TV show, and really wanted to like it, but no matter what it just didn’t do it for us. On this week’s show we talk about the fiction that we really hoped we would like (either because of general positive consensus, or just geeky hope) but ultimately just fell… Read more →


This Weeks Show: Blade Runner 2049!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN On this week’s show, we’re joined by Darkubus Rybar to talk about all things Blade Runner. We talk Blade Runner 2049, and how it compares to the original classic film. Also,¬†AnnaMay puts Dave and Darkubus through her own version of the The Voight-Kampff Tests as we do some Blade Runner trivia! Visit Indie100.com to hear our… Read more →